Monday, March 3, 2014

#ilovetheburg -- St. Pete is the BEST city!

Yesterday, as much of the nation battled blinding snow and pelting rains, we in St. Petersburg had what could only be described--with no hyperbole--as the perfect day. Sunny, 77 degrees and a slight breeze meant that EVERYONE was outside. My husband and I dropped our kids at a friend's house and took a bike ride downtown on our beach cruisers. I know the photos below weren't technically seen on one of my runs, but they were seen while exercising, and they were just too good not to share. Enjoy my beautiful city! Come visit us soon!

Paddle board classes going through Coffee Pot Bayou (NO filter on this photo--it was really that blue and gorgeous outside!)

Down by the park (which is on the Bay), we passed so many people laying on blankets, with picnic baskets, dogs, children, frisbees... you name it. As we rode past the beach we overheard scads of French Canadian snow birds playing no-joke games of bocci ball...
... and discussing the literary merits of Danielle Steel in the shade.
We passed an outdoor yoga/balance class that would rival any Cirque du Soleil

And on the ride back we passed this beautiful family of octuplets getting ready for a photo shoot in the park:
When we got back to our friend's house, they took us all out on their boat for a little fishing, margaritas and, as my my son instructed me, a #selfiesunday.

I live a life of abundance. No doubt.