Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3-Day Cheering Section

About five years ago I did the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, 60 mile walk. (This was before all the press came out about the questionable spending of the money raised during these kinds of events. Not sure I would do this event again based on some of those reports.)

The walk was physically exhausting and quite painful by Day 3, mainly because two days before the walk I had dropped an 8' piece of drywall on my foot while organizing a client's garage. I knew something wasn't right with my foot, but I had trained for months and was not about to back out. After the race, when my foot was blue and I had to be carried to the car, I got an x-ray which confirmed I had walked 60 miles with a broken foot. Not much compared to the cancer survivors who were walking, I realize, but I felt accomplished and proud of myself for pushing through the pain.

Anyway, the only things that got me through that pain was the support of my good friend Jen (who walked with me in honor of her mother who is a 25-year breast cancer survivor) and sweet little faces like the ones you see above that cheered us on every single step of the way. 

I sometimes wonder if the fans realize how much the impact the runners. Well, some of us. Here's to all the friends, parents, kids and dogs who stand along every race route in every city in every kind of weather to support those who run, walk and push hard. Your smiles, encouraging shouts and posters mean the world to us. THANK YOU.

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